Dan and Marilyn, Sarasota, FL

Chrissy Brahler guided my wife and I recently through a very difficult and convoluted short sale transaction involving our condominium in Sarasota, Florida.  Throughout all of the travails and emotional and other ups-and-downs typical of these types of transactions, Chrissy always kept her cool, kept us in touch, alerted us immediately when we needed to take action, helped keep us positive and focused and guided us smoothly, seamlessly and as transparently as possible through the transaction from start to finish.  Chrissy is tenacious, relentlessly positive and enthusiastic, has a realistic solid grounding regarding precisely what needs to be done in any situation and indeed how to do so most expeditiously and effectively. Further, Chrissy is very flexible in dealing with whatever arises and can and will always find a way to overcome the obstacles that always seem to arise in any complex transaction, especially transactions like this one: a short-sale with a second as well as a first mortgage.  She is also expert in staying in touch with appropriate legal counsel on your behalf and in tapping into their specific expertise should the need arise to do so.

Chrissy is a consummate professional especially dedicated to her specialty of selling and working through complex transactions involving distressed properties.  She is an expert in this niche in her chosen field; has invested – and continues to invest – in the education and training (and certifications) necessary to conduct these kinds of transactions in a timely and ultimately successful manner.  Chrissy is flexible, always willing to learn and to help her clients in any way that she can do so. Chrissy maintains communications with, and especially alerts her clients to, any immediate change in transaction status.

We are ecstatic that we signed on with Chrissy as our agent.  We recently successfully closed our short sale transaction due, in no small part, to Chrissy’s extraordinary efforts on our behalf.

My wife Marilyn and I would recommend Chrissy Brahler to anyone seeking a consummate professional dealing especially with distressed properties, which clearly is her specialty.  Chrissy did an absolutely outstanding job on our behalf and we would recommend her highly and without any qualification whatsoever.